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Canvas Size and Prices

All of our handmade frames are constructed of solid wood and are 1.5 inches deep, except for the 40x40 inch frame which is 1 inch deep.


Color to Black and White or Sepia—$9.00
We can take your color photograph and give it a vintage look by converting it to a black and white or sepia toned work of art.

Touch Up Work
No Touch-Up—No Charge
We offer the option of no touch up or three levels of custom touch-up work.

Level 1—$29.99—removes scratches and dirt
Level 2—$49.99—remove dust and scratches + color correction
Level 3—99.00—Level 2 + remove/add elements or graphics (people, animals, warts, etc.)

Premium Coating—$9.00
Our canvases are water resistant and have been tested to last over 100 years in direct sunlight, but we do offer an extra layer of protection which makes your prints virtually waterproof. As an extra option we can coat your canvas with a liquid protective shield that will add life to your canvas and give it a slightly more glossy appearance (keep in mind all canvases have a slight gloss to them without the protective shield).

Custom Cropping—$5.00
If you only want to print a certain portion of your picture, please send us a copy of the picture with the area you want cropped out. This can either be a photocopy, a sketch, a digital file, or any other way you can think to illustrate the cropping area.

No Proof-No Charge—Printed straight from the image given to us.
Digital Proof—$5.00—We email you a digital proof (colors may vary from monitor to monitor).
Canvas Proofs—$19.00—3 color proofs, printed on canvas at 10% of the original size are mailed to you for approval. You call in or email the corresponding letter of the proof you would like us to print.